Why we should care about the Oscars and All Star Weekend

Meryl StreepTonight belonged to the Oscars and the NBA All Star game.  The Artist won best picture and the West won by three with Durant winning MVP.  Streep won best Actress and Bryant surpassed Jordan for most career points scored over thirteen All Star appearances.  Wow, Meryl is a good actress.  Wow, Kobe can play.  Can you hear my sarcasm?  Not to say that Streep isn’t arguably the best actress of all time or that Kobe isn’t possibly the greatest basketball player ever to play the game, but really, when I   wake up tomorrow it won’t have made a difference in how my day plays out.  Not this time.  Not in a long time.  How sad right? All Star Game  Because if it’s not movies and basketball or books and music or work and cooking shows… then what is it that keeps us caring?  I say us, because we all get disenchanted.  Don’t we?  Is it just me?  Why should we care so deeply about the moments in a film or the physical efforts of a game that happen in our absence, that are forgotten in spite of us being there to witness them?  Why bother with the red carpet or the All Star weekend at all?  Why should they matter in the least?  My answer simply is because they foster moments of greatness and moments of greatness remind us of who we can be.  Of who we want to be.  And if in those moments we can catch a glimpse of what motivates us in our own lives then perhaps we just might have a better day tomorrow, with a better outlook.  And every once in a while, don’t we need just that?  

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