What’s a Hero you ask? Let me tell you, Chris Hayes from MSNBC…

A hero is someone who loves unconditionally.  Someone who loves not just enough, but all the way, no matter what.  As far as Chris Hayes is concerned, perhaps he should ask himself whether laying down one’s life is as unconditional as you can get.  To all those who died for our country, who served our country, who never got to see their kids, their wife, their life again because of their unconditional love for our great nation, I humbly salute you… Because the truth is… unconditional love is something we could all use a little more of… So the next time you see your friend or your husband or your child or dad, give them a hug and simply love them.  In doing so, you honor our nation, those who have died for it, and ultimately those you love, including yourself.

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